Universal Creative (2014-2020)

In compliance with non-disclosure agreements, I am not able to show the Concept Design work I’ve done during my tenure with Universal Creative. Please see below for descriptions of my contributions to the world-class themed attractions now open or publicly announced by Universal Studios Parks and Resorts.

Skull Island: Reign of Kong (opened July 2016)

  • Ideation sketches and designs for attraction queue gags
  • Concept and final image design for wall around construction site (i.e., “Kongstruction Wall”)

Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon (opened April 2017)

  • Multiple rounds of storyboarding for early story concept pitches
  • Ideation sketches for in-show gags
  • Early explorative designs for Jimmy’s on-screen race car
  • Key art for queue and guest areas

Volcano Bay (opened May 2017)

  • Miscellaneous sketches and designs for ornamental elements located around the park
  • Designs and key art for various attractions and guest areas

Fast & Furious – Supercharged (opened April 2018)

  • Multiple rounds of storyboarding for early story concepts
  • Creative and visual exploration of multiple ride systems and guest experiences based on the Fast & Furious film franchise
  • Early exploration sketches and designs for ride vehicle

Super Nintendo World (opening TBD)

  • Early (“blue sky”) ideation of many potential Nintendo-related IP’s and guest experiences through sketches and creative pitches
  • Storyboards for various attractions
  • Ride vehicle sketches and designs for various attractions
  • Overall land layout sketches and key art
  • Guest POV key art
  • Sketches and key art exploration of various gags and guest experiences throughout the land
  • Early (2D and 3D) ideation and designs for various retail and food & beverage locations throughout land

Universal’s Epic Universe (opening TBD)

  • Creative direction/origination/pitch for potential major intellectual properties
  • Early ideation and sketching for broad range of initial concepts
  • Storyboards for a variety of story pitches across a variety of intellectual properties
  • Ride vehicle designs for multiple attractions and intellectual properties
  • Guest POV and bird’s eye key art for a variety of attractions, retail locations, food & beverage locations, and guest experiences across multiple intellectual properties

Other Unnanounced Projects

As a majority of the work I have done with Universal Creative has been during the early “blue sky” stages of our projects, I have had the pleasure to work on a wide variety of projects that have not yet been announced. This work includes storyboards, key art, and everything in-between. I have even had the opportunity to contribute significantly to the creative direction and conception of several ideas that I hope will one day entertain and delight guests all over the world!

Other Clients

Over the past 10+ years that I have worked as a Concept Designer, I have had the pleasure to work with many clients, either full-time or on contract